Linguistic Consultancy

Through my studies and my professional life, I have worked on a plethora of different linguistic projects. My strengths when it comes to these projects is my ability to quickly recognize patterns and work at a high speed without quality loss. My most important projects are listed below.

Previous projects

Dictionary curation (Swedish)

For four months, I worked full time structuring a digital dictionary of Swedish. In the initial stage, I compiled a grammar of declension patterns in the open word classes of Swedish, and then structured the forms of the different lemmas, as well as categorizing and classifying them in accordance with the client’s wishes.

Phonetic transcription & Quality Control at the Creation of a New Google Voice (Swedish)

For over ten months, I worked full time in a team with three other Swedish linguists with computational background. We created phonetic transciptions of Swedish words, categorized Swedish texts in order to facilitate disambiguation and text normalization. We also controled the quality of the recordings with a Swedish voice talent, that formed the basis for the Swedish synthetic voice that is currently used in Google’s services.

Quality Control & Correction of Synthetic Voice Prompts (Dutch, German)

2013-2014, 2016-2017

Recurring project
Synthetic voices don’t always sound as perfect as you would prefer, and in this recurring project I have firstly listen to synthetic prompts and commented on how they should be tuned in order to sound more natural, and secondly, corrected prompts according to the comments made by other consultants. The corrections were made by adapting the phonetic transcription, adding or taking away pauses, raising or lowering the F0, as well as using other functions in the software provided by the client.

Creation of a POS tagger for transcribed Persian texts (Persian)

2012, University course project
As my final project in the course Computational Linguisticsat National Taiwan University, I wrote a program using the programming language Python. The purpose of the program was to tag verbs in a transcribed Persian text.
The number of verbs in Persian is relatively small, so by adding the verb stems and telling the program how to create the up to 320 different forms that a verb can take, I could easily create a complete dictionary of Persian verbs, which was then used for the tagging.

Creation of a Text Normalization Program (Latin script)

2011, University course project
As my final project in the course Python Programming for Linguists at National Taiwan University, I wrote a program to be used for text normalization of texts from Wikipedia, so that they are ready to be investigated using NLTK (Natural Language Tool Kit).

Phonetic transcription of Dutch street names (Dutch)

For four months, I worked full time with a group transcribing Dutch street and place names phonetically, in order to be used for ASR as well as TTS in a GPS tool for cars. Because of linguistic variation in pronunciation, many names required up to 16 different transcriptions.

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Fiction & Non-Fiction

I have worked professionally as a translator since 2002, and was educated at Tolk- och översättarinstitutet (Institute for Interpretation and Translation Studies) at Stockholm University.

English → Swedish

Dutch → Swedish

German → Swedish


I have mostly translated non-fiction texts from English and Dutch, but also German and Italian. My main experience is with inspirational tourism-related texts, but I have also translated cookbooks, and other types of general texts, including cultural and journalistic texts.

My regular clients appreciate my skills in adapting a source text to the target culture and the assigned target group, so that the text is as inspirational for the new audience as the source text was for its readers. My sensitivity for the nuances of the Swedish vocabulary makes the texts feel as if they were originally written in Swedish.

A selection of current and previous clients: Aruba Tourism Authority, NBTC Holland Marketing, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Stockholm, Universiteit Antwerpen, Riksutställningar, Svalövs kommun, Regionaal Bureau voor Toerisme Arnhem-Nijmegen, several translation agencies.


When it comes to fiction, I am specialized in translations from Dutch. After a literary translation mentorship program with the renowned translator Ingrid Wikén Bonde, administered by Expertisecentrum Literair Vertalen (ELV), I was tested and officially approved as a translator of Dutch and Flemish literature by Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren (VLF).


Previous work
  • Ellen Holms S01E01–S01E10 (2018). Written by Nicolet Steemers. Published by Storytel.
    A detective story written in 10 episodes, meant for listening. Learn more >
  • Project Prep : lanseringen av en modeapp (2016). Written by Niki Smit. Published by Volante.
    A novel for young girls (12-15 years), meant to inspire girls to see the tech industry as an alternative. The initiator and client Janneke Niessen asked to adapt the story to Sweden (names, places, foods, etc.), which was all a fun challenge. Learn more >
  • Psalmupproret (2008). Written by Maarten ’t Hart. Published by Atlantis.
    A historical novel partially based on a documented event in Maassluis, the Netherlands. The translation process was mentored by Ingrid Wikén Bonde, administered by ELV. Learn more >
  • Bröder (2003). Written by Ted van Lieshout. Published by Eriksson & Lindgren.
    A youth novel. A boy reads his dead brother’s diary and creates a conversation by answering between the lines. The translation was supervised by Ingrid Wikén Bonde, as an inofficial part of my Dutch studies at Stockholm University. Learn more >

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I have worked as a website editor since 2006, and am familiar with many different content management systems (CMS). I am also knowledgable about SEO and structuring information on website to enhance the visitor experience. My services include editing existing websites (in any CMS), but also building new ones from scratch (in WordPress).

Website editing

I have experience working in the following CMS: WordPress, GX, Drupal, Hippo, FatWire.

Translation + Website Editing = True

Looking for both a translator and an editor for the Swedish version of your website? Look no further, I can easily do both – faster and less fuss for you!

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