Kenneth von Zeipel

Linguistic Consultant | Translator | Website Editor



Phonetic transcriptions, dictionary curation, voice tuning, and much more.


From Dutch and English to Swedish, including localization and adaptions to the target group.

Literary Translation

Experienced with different genres, and approved by Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren (VFL).

Website Editing

Experienced in SEO, target group adaptions, and many different content management systems.

About Me

Passionate about languages, and a world explorer.
Already as a kid, I understood that languages are the keys to other cultures, and by learning them I could explore the world. Besides Sweden, I have also lived in Taipei, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Norway. I have also worked in the US, Aruba, Holland, Finland, and Denmark.
Using my services, you can expect the work to be well done, and delivered on time. I take much pride in what I do, and would never take on a project that is outside of my area of expertise. I work independently, but always keep my client up to date in case of unclarities.

Do you have a project idea in mind?